Thursday, July 23, 2009

Maternity Clothes Essentials

Key Maternity Wear Essentials

If you are on a tight budget, perhaps consider the following items as you maternity wear 'must haves':

Maternity Jeans - you that you can dress your jeans up for nights out or dress them down for coffee with the girls. Maternity Jeans have different waistbands to accommodate your tummy, have a read of the Maternity Jeans Guide on Everyday Maternity's Fact Sheets.

Black Maternity Trousers - again these are a multi tasking item, used for the office, dressed up for a night out or just a change from your jeans. For information on maternity waistband styles read the Maternity Wear Tips section.

Maternity Wrap Dress - this dress suits most shapes and bumps, and can be very comfortable. Avoid non-maternity ones otherwise you could have more material at the back and the front sitting 4 inches above your knees. Don't underestimate how long it could take to loose the weight - its is not a race - so a wrap dress will see you right after baby arrives. Black is of course the staple, but we have some bright prints of you wish to make a statement.

Fitted Maternity T-Shirt - again opt for a maternity one, that will stretch and grow with you. Choose one in a neck-line that suit your shape and if you want to play it safe go for black and jazz it up with necklaces, brooches or scarves. Your boobs and back will grow, but your shoulders are unlikely to change, so buying larger regular clothes will make you look over-sized across your shoulders.

White Maternity Shirt - every season, without fail, the white shirt makes an appearance in the fashion pages. We've had pussy-bow, oriental collar, wrap with a white maternity shirt in your wardrobe you can always pull a smart outfit together either with your jeans or your black trousers. You can get away with a man's shirt here, and no doubt your partner will find it a sexy look, but for a more together look, opt for a stretch maternity version. So if you only buy 5 things items of maternity clothing this pregnancy, we suggest you consider these!