Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cuddledry Baby Bath Towel

We have just got back from the Baby Show where we were helping out the fab gang from Cuddledry.

We had a brilliant time, the girls are great, and fun to be with, and the product is just so lovely we didn't need to convince new mums too much.

The Cuddledry Baby Towel makes bathtime safe, simple and snug - for you and your baby!

Most babies enjoy bath time but for some it can be upsetting making you feel fraught and turning it into a bit of a juggling act! With this original, organic apron towel you stay dry, you can lift your baby from bathwater easily and naturally, he/she stays warm and tenderly wrapped so everyone is happy and calm! By wearing the towel you have both hands free to lift baby out of the bath.

To view a video on how to use the product - click here - Cuddledry Video

For more information on Cuddledry and all their other great products - click here -

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Summer Maternity Clothes

This is the current weather situation in the UK

And this is what we have received from our maternity wear brands today:

Do you think our maternity clothes are out of kilter with the weather, or is it just the weather that has gone bonkers!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Maternity Wear Inspired by India

Even though the snow still lingers a taste of spring has arrived in the Everyday Maternity offices, in the form of Bellybutton Maternity Hot Spots collection.

This spring Bellybutton take you to the bright colours of INDIA. Bellybutton co-partner Ursula Karven loves India and she has visited this beautiful country many times. Her travels have inspired the collection.

Take a look at the collection online, and keep an eye out for new additions, we have a feeling this will be a hot item, so will be looking to add further items.










Bellybutton Maternity Evening Gown










Bellybutton Pink Maternity Tunic