Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cuddledry Consultant

Well today a new delivery arrived from Cuddledry - and I have played a little part in the new packaging - so I can now add consultant to my CV!

I'd forgotten about it to be honest, and it was only once the goods were out of the box, that I noticed that some of them were in new, and very smart reusable bags.  Ages ago Helen, one of the founders at Cuddledry, emailed to ask opinions on a new mock up for the packaging.

So being a helpful person, I replied with my thoughts, as they related to merchandising them in a shop, and also with regards to sending them through the post. (being an online company - this is much more important to us).

So it was exciting to see the new packs today, with some of our collective thoughts taken into consideration.   The gang at Cuddledry are great - and the Everyday Maternity team regularly go to the Baby Shows with them, to help out on the stand.

You should take a look at their website, as they have some great new products - such as their baby bath mat.

Of course we do sell them at Everyday Maternity - check out our Baby Collection for the collection of toddler towels and apron towels.