Monday, July 28, 2008

Breastfeed Babies get the Flavour

There are always many good reasons to breast feed your baby, but researchers at the University of Copenhagen have discovered that what a mum eats has an effect on the taste of her breast milk, which eventually influences what the child will prefer to eat when they start weaning.

An infant's first flavour experiences may be through the transfer of dietary flavour compounds into breast milk, say researchers.

The researches found that flavours passed into the milk and could could potentially be tasted by the baby. Stronger flavours such as liquorice lingered longer, whereas a flavour such as banana only lasted for around an hour.

The findings may explain why breastfeeding babies sometimes refuse the breast, as the flavour from mum maybe too strong........although of course there are many other reasons why they might not want to feed.

It may also mean that breast-feed babies are more likely to take to weaning, as they have become used to the differing flavours through their mothers breast milk. So come on mums, get baby used to their veggies early on, and fill up on your fruit and veg!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Pain in the Rib

A good friend experienced terrible rib pain towards the end of her pregnancy as her baby, the recently arrived Rhys, grew leaving himself less room to move.

His feet seemed to find their way between her ribs - which became uncomfortable, and wearing a bra was beyond her comfort threshold. And it only got worse as he became more active.

So she came to me to find a comfortable solution - which we found in the Arabella B seamless vest. She tried a sample we had in the office, and didn't take it off. The relief on her face was brilliant. The vest offered just enough support for her not to feel like a bra burning hippy, but enough freedom from the tightness around her rib cage.

The vests come in three colours - white, black and pink. And really do stretch and stretch!

Beyond a wonderfully comfy vest, some other things that may help are:

  • Sit up straight to give your baby more room
  • Use an exercise ball to sit on
  • Be patient....the baby will be ready to drop soon, when they move into your pelvis, you should feel more comfortable.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Size 6 Maternity Wear

We have reorganised our Petite and Tall sections to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. The new section on the site has clothes that are for both petite in height and petite in size. So if you are looking for shorter leg length maternity trousers then this is the section to look in. Similarly if you are a UK Size 6, then as with all pregnant ladies you will need a maternity size 6, and we have placed all clothes in these sizes in the Petite Maternity Wear section too

This is something new for us, so the range is limited at the moment, but we promise to bring you more as our brands introduce more items in smaller sizes.

Petite Maternity Wear

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sale Sadness

Is it me, or is it sad to be putting all the summer clothes in the sale already. It is only July!! And to be honest we really haven't had a summer yet. I don't know about you, but I can count on one hand how many times I have been able to sit out in the garden with my shorts on, so it doesn't seem right to be selling off our summer stock. It seems to be saying to the weather, you may as well stay cloudy and rainy, as we are getting ready for autumn.

Well we don't want to tempt the weather into Autumn just yet, so while we have put some of our bright summer items in the sale, we have some new items that we will bring out in August, to keep the collection fresh. So we are offering the best of both worlds; great maternity bargains in the sale, and some fab new stuff arriving in August.

Take a look at the sale for some really affordable summer maternity wear, and keep on visiting Everyday Maternity for the new collections.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mum Knows Best

I had a meeting this week with a mum of three, Victoria, who runs a website for mums, called

Apart from swapping stories on our businesses, she gave me an update on the website, which is going from strength to strength.

It is a great site that is simple to use, straight talking and has great articles from a range of experts. The site is aimed at mums to be and mothers of children from 0 to 5.

They cover product reviews, a coffee room, recipes for babies and toddlers and regularly have a range of offers and competitions.

So if you are a mum and there is something you need to know, then take a look at Mum Knows Best

Monday, July 7, 2008

Maternity Sleep Bra

A few posts ago we put down some of the items you need in preparation for breastfeeding, and one of them was a sleep bra.

We've added a great crop top from Anita Maternity to the range, which you may find useful as a sleep bra when breastfeeding.

The crop top is a good investment, as you can wear it through pregnancy, especially if your boobs do increase in size, and you feel you want some extra support to have a comfortable night's sleep.

This one is in a super stretchy material, so will grow with you, as your chest increases, so no need to keep buying more bras, each time your boobs have a growth spurt!!

Once baby arrives, the crop top can be used at night, if you find you have milk leakage. The top is seamless, so no uncomfortable seams to dig in, but room enough to place your breast pads.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Swimming during Pregnancy

Summer holidays loom, and we are seeing an increase in swimwear sales, as our expectant mums head for a 'Baby Moon' holiday before the arrival.

We are in the process of writing a style guide for choosing the right maternity swimsuit for your shape, which is timely as we have added a couple of new swimsuits recently.

The majority of ladies who buy swimsuits in our shops are buying a one to join a local aqua natal class. These are great to keep mobile and fit during pregnancy, but it is also good to meet other local expectant mums, as you are likely to remain friends after the birth.

Many pregnant women take up swimming as the low impact nature of it gives them the opportunity to exercise without stress and strain. Its the one place you don't feel the extra weight of your bump!

Swimming gives your circulation a workout and helps with toning, and provided you have no complications you should be able to swim for all 9 months. (Check with your midwife first)

There are lots of theories on which stroke to do - but you should avoid breast stroke if you have back or pelvic problems.

Happy swimming, and don't forget to check out one of our fab maternity swimsuits at Everyday Maternity

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Feeding Baby

At Everyday Maternity we cater for your breast feeding needs with some great nursing tops, but there is more to breastfeeding than tops and dresses, so we've pulled together a list of things that will make nursing your baby easy......well easier!

Preparation is key - and your midwife is always a great source of advice and encouragement. There's nothing more natural and healthy for your baby than breastfeeding, however many new mum's find it hard at first. Persevere and don't be afraid to ask your midwife or health visitor for support.

We've put together a list of items you should consider if you want to get prepared ahead of the arrival;

  • Breast pump (manual or electric)

  • Breast milk storage bags or bottles (milk can be frozen for up to 3 months)

  • Nipple shields (to protect sore nipples)

  • Nipple cream (from your chemist)

  • Cooling gel breast pads

  • Nursing chair (and optional stool)

  • Nursing cushion (for support to help get your body and baby's body in the correct position

  • Feeding bottles x 6 for water

  • Steriliser (steam, cold water or microwave)

  • Sterilising tablets

  • Soothers

Avent do a great all-in-one pack that has everything you will need - this is available at

Having difficulties with feeding?
Some babies suffer from colic which is a form of trapped wind. This often results in the baby crying a lot and sometime the baby can appear to be in pain after the feed. Seek medical advice from your GP or health visitor. Some mums find that some of the anti-colic bottles available on the market help this condition.

When to stop?
There are no strict rules as to when to stop, but the World Health Organisation recommends that baby should be fed on breast milk for the first six months, and advises to continue with some breast milk until they are two. Now in reality, many factors in our society mean that this is just not possible, or even socially acceptable - so go with what you feel is right for you and baby.

For more advice take a look at the NHS site

Friday, July 4, 2008

Make way for the Bump

Everyday Maternity has added a neat little accessory to the site that helps pregnant women who are on a budget with their maternity wear - the waistband extender from Emma Jane Maternity.

This maternity accessory lets expectant mothers use their pre-pregnancy clothes for just a little longer, before you take the plunge into maternity wear.

The extender pack is designed to fit jeans, trousers, shorts and skirts, and works by adding an extra panel to give you some 'breathing' room. It may also come in handy after the birth as you wear your normal clothes, but need that little bit of extra space.