Monday, July 28, 2008

Breastfeed Babies get the Flavour

There are always many good reasons to breast feed your baby, but researchers at the University of Copenhagen have discovered that what a mum eats has an effect on the taste of her breast milk, which eventually influences what the child will prefer to eat when they start weaning.

An infant's first flavour experiences may be through the transfer of dietary flavour compounds into breast milk, say researchers.

The researches found that flavours passed into the milk and could could potentially be tasted by the baby. Stronger flavours such as liquorice lingered longer, whereas a flavour such as banana only lasted for around an hour.

The findings may explain why breastfeeding babies sometimes refuse the breast, as the flavour from mum maybe too strong........although of course there are many other reasons why they might not want to feed.

It may also mean that breast-feed babies are more likely to take to weaning, as they have become used to the differing flavours through their mothers breast milk. So come on mums, get baby used to their veggies early on, and fill up on your fruit and veg!!

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