Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Pain in the Rib

A good friend experienced terrible rib pain towards the end of her pregnancy as her baby, the recently arrived Rhys, grew leaving himself less room to move.

His feet seemed to find their way between her ribs - which became uncomfortable, and wearing a bra was beyond her comfort threshold. And it only got worse as he became more active.

So she came to me to find a comfortable solution - which we found in the Arabella B seamless vest. She tried a sample we had in the office, and didn't take it off. The relief on her face was brilliant. The vest offered just enough support for her not to feel like a bra burning hippy, but enough freedom from the tightness around her rib cage.

The vests come in three colours - white, black and pink. And really do stretch and stretch!

Beyond a wonderfully comfy vest, some other things that may help are:

  • Sit up straight to give your baby more room
  • Use an exercise ball to sit on
  • Be patient....the baby will be ready to drop soon, when they move into your pelvis, you should feel more comfortable.

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