Monday, July 7, 2008

Maternity Sleep Bra

A few posts ago we put down some of the items you need in preparation for breastfeeding, and one of them was a sleep bra.

We've added a great crop top from Anita Maternity to the range, which you may find useful as a sleep bra when breastfeeding.

The crop top is a good investment, as you can wear it through pregnancy, especially if your boobs do increase in size, and you feel you want some extra support to have a comfortable night's sleep.

This one is in a super stretchy material, so will grow with you, as your chest increases, so no need to keep buying more bras, each time your boobs have a growth spurt!!

Once baby arrives, the crop top can be used at night, if you find you have milk leakage. The top is seamless, so no uncomfortable seams to dig in, but room enough to place your breast pads.

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