Saturday, June 13, 2009

BPA in Baby Bottles

A chemical found in some babies’ bottles can be harmful to women, a recent study has shown.

Bisphenol A or BPA, which is a common component of a lot of plastics, can raise the risk of heart disease, such as heart arrhythmia, or complications to your heart rhythm.

The report was based on tests done on female mice and rats, and these tests showed that the chemical, bisphenol A causes the heart to beat out of rhythm. When this chemical was mixed with oestrogen, the heart began to beat even more out of rhythm, showing that women could be more at risk from this chemical.

This latest report is one of a long line of bad press for the controversial chemical that many believe is linked to early puberty, breast cancer, miscarriage and infertility.

For more information on the use of BPA in babies bottles read our BPA in Baby Bottles Fact Sheet.

At Everyday Maternity we only stock Lansinoh, who aim to provide the safest, purest products for breastfeeding mothers. Many parents and parents to be are aware of the current debate around the use of plastics containing Bisphenol-A for baby feeding products. It isn't yet known what risk, if any, they pose. However, until more is known about the effects of Bisphenol-A all our products are Bisphenol-A free.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fragile Summer 2009 collection

The new Fragile Summer 2009 collection, now available on the Everyday Maternity website. We think you'll look stunning in any of the dresses, particularly the Serena dress and the Wrap Dress. Head on over to the website and check out the other maternity dresses in the Fragile Summer 2009 collection.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New I Cup Bra in stock

This Anita Maternity breastfeeding bra is suitable for a heavy bust after pregnancy, and is available in sizes up to I cup. These have a high cotton content, so they are wonderfully soft against your skin.

They also feature wide, padded straps to relieve strain on your back and to ensure that you have the best support possible.

We particularly recommend these bras for ladies who may wish the support of an underwire bra, but prefer a non-wired product.

For information on what size to wear please take a look at the How to Measure for a Nursing Bra Fact Sheet at

Friday, June 5, 2009

With the recent outbreak of swine flu, you may be worried about it and the effects it can have on you and your unborn baby. We’ve put together a fact sheet with some links on where to get advice.

The best source of information is the NHS website - take a look at the Swine Flu Information/Pregnancy section.

The Government’s own website has a special Swine Flu Prevention and Treatment section

It has been reported, that unlike normal flu strains that seem to strike the older population swine flu is more prevalent among the middle aged, so you should use precautions to avoid all illness when you’re pregnant.

Take note of the campaign catch-phrase:


This means covering your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing, using a tissue. Throw the tissue away quickly and carefully, and wash your hands regularly with soap and water. Take extra precautions by cleaning hard surfaces (like door handles and remote controls) frequently with a normal cleaning product.

You should wash your hands and avoid sick people.

If you think that you’re sick, then take care of yourself. Put your feet up and rest and relax, and talk to your regular doctor as well as your midwife. They may recommend that you be treated with pregnancy class medications.

While you have your feet up take the chance to do some online maternity wear shopping – that way you will avoid the crowds!

The NHS website answers the following specific questions:

* Does swine flu pose special risks in pregnant women?
* Can I take antiviral drugs if I am pregnant?
* Will pregnant women get preference for a swine flu vaccine?
* Should I stop breastfeeding if I need to take antiviral drugs?

If having read the information on breastfeeding and your require a manual breast pump, visit for information.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Featured in Pregnancy and Birth magazine

We've had our 9Fashion maternity denim jacket featured in this months issue of Pregnancy and Birth magazine.

Denim never goes out of fashion, so is a perfect piece of maternity wear, as it spans the seasons.

If you want to create your own denim look this summer, we have plenty of different styles of denim maternity skirts and denim maternity shorts in stock, as well as denim maternity jeans and the aforementioned denim jacket, so you can mix and match and make your own unique denim look this summer.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Maternity Support Band

We have a great video for you to watch from Carriwell Maternity. It shows how to use the Maternity Support Band. Discrete and supportive, this support band helps support your bump and lowers the chance of backache during pregnancy, this fits under your clothing, so you can still look stunning in your summer dress.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Dressing for Summer Weddings

One of the upsides of summer is that with the glorious weather at hand, more and more people are choosing to get married both outdoors and indoors. We here at Everyday Maternity think that you should look stunning at any wedding or any social event for that matter, so we have chosen a couple of dresses from our collection that we recommend for both wedding wear and evening dress wear.

First up is the Maternity Wedding Dress, from Fragile Maternity, also shown in the picture above. This elegant cream dress is fully lined, and has an intricate hand-sewn beaded neckline that is stunning. We particularly recommend this dress as it is suitable not only for weddings, but for any formal or social event and will make you look absolutely gorgeous.

Secondly, we recommend the Silk Maternity Evening Dress. This chocolate brown sleeveless dress is perfect for weddings and evenings out, and features a ribboned band hem and a bow detail at the chest, enhancing the subtlety and stylishness of this dress.

Lastly, the Lace Maternity Occasion Dress is great for special occasions, including weddings, particularly as a bridesmaid dress. It comes with detachable bra straps, allowing it to be changed as necessary depending on the occasion. The colour provides an elegant change from most formal wear, so we particularly recommend this one.

For more dresses and other evening wear, we recommend you check out the rest of our formal maternity dresses.