Monday, June 1, 2009

Dressing for Summer Weddings

One of the upsides of summer is that with the glorious weather at hand, more and more people are choosing to get married both outdoors and indoors. We here at Everyday Maternity think that you should look stunning at any wedding or any social event for that matter, so we have chosen a couple of dresses from our collection that we recommend for both wedding wear and evening dress wear.

First up is the Maternity Wedding Dress, from Fragile Maternity, also shown in the picture above. This elegant cream dress is fully lined, and has an intricate hand-sewn beaded neckline that is stunning. We particularly recommend this dress as it is suitable not only for weddings, but for any formal or social event and will make you look absolutely gorgeous.

Secondly, we recommend the Silk Maternity Evening Dress. This chocolate brown sleeveless dress is perfect for weddings and evenings out, and features a ribboned band hem and a bow detail at the chest, enhancing the subtlety and stylishness of this dress.

Lastly, the Lace Maternity Occasion Dress is great for special occasions, including weddings, particularly as a bridesmaid dress. It comes with detachable bra straps, allowing it to be changed as necessary depending on the occasion. The colour provides an elegant change from most formal wear, so we particularly recommend this one.

For more dresses and other evening wear, we recommend you check out the rest of our formal maternity dresses.

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