Thursday, September 10, 2009

Am I too old for... jeggings? | Mail Online

Am I too old for... jeggings? | Mail Online

Great article from the Daily Mail about Jeggings.

Well we have added them to our maternity wear collection. If Beyonce can rock them, then so can pregnant ladies!

These legging/jeans hybrid are a hot fashion look this season - and they are the perfect item for pregnant women, being reasonably comfy and just a little smarter than leggings. The black denim maternity jeggings are great for those who want to wear a skinny jean - these offer better comfort than a pair of hard to find skinny maternity jeans.

Our advice - avoid white ones if you have started to retain water on your thighs.

Match them with some Ugg style boots for ultimate comfort. The hot look is to sport them with a pair of killer heels, but as we all know, pregnancy often brings cankles. (a combined calf and ankle = cankle!)

Go on be daring ladies!

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