Thursday, December 3, 2009

Staying Hydrated During Childbirth

The Hospital Bag Must Have 
Here is an idea that is totally simple, yet amazingly useful.

I used to work with Mark Moran, CEO of Hydrate for Health, many years ago. He recently contacted me with details of his new venture - asking if we would be interested in the product.  I thought it was a brilliant product straight away, but asked a few other mums their thoughts. 
Just to explain the product is a water bottle with drinking tube that can be clipped to a bed, chair or pram.  Here are some of the reactions: 
  • Michele - I always tell people to pack a straw in their hospital bag, to sip water with during labour, so this would have been brilliant.
  • Pat - Breastfeeding the twins was a handful, I would have a pint of water by the bed, but without a hand free to grab it I just used to get thirsty, the Hydrate would have been a good solution.
  • Jo - I wouldn't have thought to buy one, but I ended up having an emergency C-Section, which made it hard to reach for my glass. The ward was really warm, so I did get thirsty. I would have been handy to have one.

The Hydrant - is a personal, hands-free drinking system for people who are in bed or have restricted movement. The unique clip mechanism enables The Hydrant to attach easily to beds and chairs thus giving the user instant access to fluids without having to reach out.

It is can be invaluable for pregnant women during labour and afterwards in recovery where soreness makes it uncomfortable or difficult to move for a while.  Those who have a C-Section or suffering with SPD will find the product very useful.

Once you are home with your baby, the drinking bottle can be attached to a nursing chair during breastfeeding, keeping you hydrated.

Here is a customer review for the product:
“The Hydrant was an absolute lifesaver after Joseph was born. For three days I was bed bound and had trouble reaching the drinks on the bedside cabinet. It took ages to get help from someone to just pass me the cup. We attached The Hydrant to my bed and I could easily drink at any time. The ward was very hot so it was brilliant to just grab the tube and drink – especially during the night. What a superb product!! – I think every new Mum would love it both during and after birth. It would be particularly invaluable to those who have had Caesareans. I’m now using it at home whilst feeding so it’s great there as well!!” Lizzie (06/09)

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