Monday, November 16, 2009

Boob Nursing Wear Collection - new additions

Just in case you hadn't noticed we love Boob Nursing Wear here at Everyday Maternity. And here is why: They design stunning breastfeeding clothes that allow new mums to feed their babies with ease.

They pioneered the double-layer top, meaning a breastfeeding mum doesn't expose her tummy
every time she goes to feed her baby. Each season they come up with stylish prints, patterns and designs to ensure there is something fresh whatever season you have your baby. They are also ethically minded too, using organic cottons where possible, in fact over half of the range is made from organic cotton.

Their factories are based in Europe where they know the workers are treated fairly and decently paid.
A new twist on the double layer this season is the Nursing Top with Drawstring. You still have the overlapping layer, but this time the drawstring helps create a feminine rouching at the bust.

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