Monday, November 9, 2009

Fragile Maternity Wear Collection

The winter collection from Fragile Maternity is always a pleasure to add to the site. Stunning fabrics, elegant designs and gorgeous knitted dresses.

Fragile Maternity take great pride in their maternity clothes and develop clothes with every aspect of a pregnant woman in mind.

For example the Cache-Coeur Dress is designed with pregnancy and breastfeeding in mind. The bolero wrap top looks great during pregnancy - as the top swathes your form. Then when baby arrives you can use the wrap as a discreet nursing dress. A true investment piece.

The Cosy Dress is another example of how Fragile use their extensive knowledge of pregnant women - they have their own shops in Belgium. The maternity wrap dress can be for many a love or hate item. So for those that like the shape of a wrap dress, but not the hassle of keeping it wrapped - the cosy dress is a happy medium. The Fragile Maternity range is designed and made in Belgium ensuring fair conditions for the people making your clothes and no excessive transport costs.

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