Thursday, January 21, 2010

One Maternity Bra fits All

Wow - we have found it, the maternity bra for ALL occasions - and we mean all!

This maternity bra can be worn in the day, slept in and even worn for breastfeeding.  So for a small investment you get comfort throughout your pregnancy.

The Anita Maternity Bustier for Pregnancy and Nursing is our new favourite product.

Made from a seamless microfibre with supportive interwoven reinforcement zones the bra has no itchy seams, no clasps and no hooks to irritate delicate skin.

The high stretch fabric expands amazingly and will fit from week 1 to post pregnancy.  Anita Maternity have always done a great range of seamless underwear, but the biggest complaint we used to get for the original bustier was the high neckline, that while offering great support, was a little too high to be worn under wrap dresses and v-neck tops.  This new bustier has a more flattering line for your beautiful d├ęcolletage.

Another benefit of this new design is the easy breastfeeding access. We know that many of you don't like fiddling with nursing bra clasps - so this cross-over design gets around this.

Have we convinced you yet!?

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