Friday, March 26, 2010

Maternity Treggings

Great news for all you pregnant ladies who love your skinny jeans.  The maternity treggings have arrived.

First we had maternity leggings, then maternity jeggings, and now we have treggings.

And what is the difference.....

Well most maternity jeggings are made from a denim-style material, but don't have the stitching details.

The Boob Maternity Treggings do. They have great stitched jeans details making them the comfy answer to slim fit jeans in pregnancy.

With a slim fit leg and material that is so stretchy and soft that no moves are limited. These Treggings are all the pregnant women can wish for. Flattering, well-cut, soft and they stay in shape!

These are ideal for skinny jeans fans who can never find jeans tight enough for little legs!

The name is funny though but does seem to fit in with our current obsession for truncating two words into one.  Think Brangelina, R-Pats, Bromance, Staycation, Mantrum, Cankles......

Just remember if you go for the treggings stay away from the double-denim look.

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