Thursday, March 4, 2010

Yummy Mummy Tummy

Yummy Mummy Tummy is the latest brand added to Everyday Maternity.

We met the founder of Yummy Mummy Tummy recently at the Baby Show and she was so enthusiastic about the product that we just had to add it to the site.  Plus we saw lots of lovely pregnant ladies wandering around the show proudly holding their Yummy Mummy bags.  So - we felt we didn't need any more persuading to take the brand on.

All the products are based around a 'stretch and recover' microfibre.  I have to say I wear the maternity crop top pretty much every day - it is just soooo comfortable.

The concept with the belly band is that the microfibre stretches to your expanding bump, but is nice and thin so as not to add too much bulk under your clothes.  There are no seams to itch or create a 'VPL' under your clothes.  Wear it over your jeans to help hold them up, or as a gap filler between your non-maternity tops and your trousers.
Wear it when you are breastfeeding to cover your jelly-belly!

We have also got the Yummy Mummy Undies which have an element of lift and shape - to help you support your bot - but above all they are comfy, again with no seams or labels.

Our final choice from the range was the Fabulous Feeding Bra - which grows with you during the day.  Experienced breastfeeding mothers know that their cup size can change during the day - so a bra that stretches and recovers during the day if ideal.

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