Saturday, June 7, 2008

Jeans Shopping

I've just spent an agonising 4 hours trying to find a new pair of jeans to replace my slightly worn but very much loved Diesel Jeans.

I have come home empty handed. I thought I had found the 'ones' - but they failed at the final hurdle, the sitting test. Upon sitting, the beautifully fitting, reasonably priced and very comfortable pair of Diesel jeans (once a Diesel girl, always a Diesel girl) quiet clearly showed more than a little builders bum. Not a good look, even for a builder.

Which got me thinking I should write a guide for Everyday Maternity on choosing your maternity jeans.

Which is precisely what I did:

It’s all about the waist - a maternity jeans buying guide

Jeans are clearly a staple in any wardrobe and that shouldn't change because you are pregnant, but maternity jeans come in many shapes and styles. So we have developed a brief guide to help pregnant ladies choose the perfect pair.

The biggest choice you have to make is your waistband style, and much like the following wise words from a mother of four, we find that pregnant ladies progress through the styles as they have more babies.

1st baby: You begin wearing maternity clothes as soon as you find out you are pregnant (for jeans read under-the-bump)
2nd baby: You wear your regular clothes for as long as possible (for jeans read over-the-bump with big comfy panel!)
3rd baby: Your maternity clothes ARE your regular clothes (for jeans read - whatever is the most comfortable)

So here are our pros and cons for each of the styles:


Popular with first time pregnant women are the under-bump style. These sit low on your waist and naturally curve under your bump.
Many women prefer under the bump as their tummies are sensitive, and they don't like anything on it.
The downside of under the bump is that you will need to invest in maternity tops, as your normal t-shirts and tops are not going to cover your expanding tum.

If you choose below you can always invest in a separate bump band to cover up any exposed skin.

With below the bump jeans and trousers look for how they expand with your bump. The important thing here is that they do expand, but you can still keep them reasonably tight, otherwise you will spend your days hiking your jeans back up! The majority have elasticated sides, internal button adjusters or elasticated waistbands with a tie-adjuster. All our jeans have one of these options; check out the product information for exact details.


This style sits high on your waist with a soft and supportive full jersey panel.
Many women feel these jeans offer two key advantages, the support of the jersey panel and the comfort of what is essentially a soft elastic waistband.
They may not look sexy but you can hardly see them once they are on, and they do offer the assurance that if you stretch up you don't expose too much flesh and they are so very comfy.
Both styles can also be worn after baby arrives, while you get rid of your 'jelly-belly'! (no-one tells you about your jelly belly, do they!!)
There is also an on-the-bump style that sits at the fullest part of your waist, but we don't currently stock this style, as they are not as comfortable and can't necessarily be worn after the birth.

Other tips

You shouldn’t need to go up a size – maternity jeans are specifically cut to accommodate your bump

Quality is key when buying maternity jeans. Elastane, lycra, spandex - call it what you will - is an important factor in maternity jeans. The material needs an element of stretch, as it is not only your tum that gets a little bigger. So look for some denim with an element of stretch, but not too much as you may get sagging around the bottom and knees. In our opinion, 2% is the perfect amount - and the majority of our jeans conform to this guidance

Everyone’s bump is different so there are no hard and fast rules as to what suits best, but we have spent time and energy looking at many brands and hope we have brought you some of the best.

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