Monday, June 23, 2008

Organic Maternity Wear

I was approached earlier in the week by a lady who ran an organic baby wear company, asking if Everyday Maternity would be interested in featuring the products on our website.

I declined as we have a lot on our plate at the moment looking after our maternity wear clients.

I then spoke to another lady about featuring on an 'Employee Benefits' website. In the course of the discussion we talked about what category we could be featured in, and the topic of organic came up.

So I decided to Google the term 'organic maternity' and a staggering 1.9million items came up.

I then decided to check what kind of search volumes people were doing, and the volume is not so staggering - a low search volume, whatever that means!
None the less I decided to add a new section to the website - Organic and Bamboo - as amazingly, without really trying we already have 8 products that sit under that category. So it is another case of watch this space.

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