Saturday, June 7, 2008

Today's light bulb moment was about Plus Size Maternity.

I spoke to a lady yesterday who was a size 8 and said she hadn't bought much maternity wear, as she just got away with wearing size 10 and size 12. Which got me thinking of the Plus Size area on the website, which is receiving more hits now. Its amazing but as you start to think about a particular thing, something happens relating to it. A customer was on-line in the plus size area and order 4 things. I think this is something I need to develop, as larger ladies don't have the luxury of just buying bigger, as there are just not the larger sizes available. So plus sizes ladies more than any other group buying maternity wear need to be catered for. I'm off to the trade fair in July, so I will definately source so more interesting styles for size 16 and plus.

I'll also need to research on the styles and fit that suits plus size maternity, and write up a Trinny and Susannah style what not to wear.

We have some fabulous things that cover the larger sizes, but all the agents seem to steer you away from the larger sizes. The fact is the average British woman is a UK14, so we really need to meet their needs too.

Our maternity jeans are available in plus size, and in more than one style, so we need to look at the rest of the range.

Gok Wan would be proud!

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