Friday, June 20, 2008

Wedding Season

I have just come back from a wonderful wedding, where there we no less than three pregnant women. One of whom was the bride's best friend, who rather upsettingly was wrapped up in a signature Isabella O piece - her husband thought it was very funny that I knew instantly where her outfit was from.

So I spoke to all the ladies about their shopping experience when looking for their wedding outfits and the response was unanimous - it had been a struggle.

The mums to be felt that there was nothing really special out there that compared to an outfit they might have chosen had they not had their bump. Also they didn't want to spend as much on the outfit as they are less likely to wear it again.

I told them about the site and some of the maternity dresses we had, but suggested a more flexible and econimical solution would be to invest in a pair of white maternity trousers and a sheer top and dress the outfit up with a fascinator or hat and a great pair of shoes. The trousers are likely to be worn again for a less fomal occasion and the top can be worn to jazz up a pair of jeans. In addition your maternity trousers are quiet wearable after the arrival of the baby - I'm a non pregnant size ten, and have be know to wear a pair of maternity trousers!

So having learned a bit more about what pregnant women are looking for, the feedback is more affordable dresses and gorgeous tops with multi-use wearability. I'll keep this in mind when I go to the trade fair in July.

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